Defected For Rust: What To Do

If the RTA feels that your vehicle is not roadworthy, or if your vehicle has a problem that will result in it becoming a hazard in the future, you may receive a defect notice. If your car has been defected then there will be actions that you will need to take to fix the problem in order for it to be deemed road worthy again. Your car can be defected due to rust, worn out tires, broken lights or lights that are not working properly. There are other reasons for a vehicle getting a defect notice and it is up to the RTA to determine how much repair your vehicle needs. You will be responsible for having the necessary repairs done to your vehicle in order to make it road worthy and get your defect notice cleared.

Two Types Of Defect Notices

There are two levels of defect notices

  • · Minor Defect Notices
  • · Major Defect Notices

A person who receives a defect notice has a certain amount of time to fix their car. Defected cars can also be labeled as "grounded" which means that they must be fixed where they are or towed to a repair shop. There are many repair shops available to help fix your vehicle if it has been defected. Rust on vehicles poses a special problem as the rust will eat through your car and ruin it if it is not taken care of properly.

Once you have fixed the problems as outlined on the defect notice then you will need to have your car re-inspected to get a defect clearance. The blue copy of the defect notice must be sent in to the RTA within 21 days of the completion of the repairs. Be sure to keep the yellow copy of the defect notice for your own records.